Creature Hunters and NFTb are collaborating as part of a strategic alliance. The collaboration has unquestionably game-changing potential, with NFT players and the Crypto community benefiting from a wide range of attractive options. The collaboration will be a game-changing first step in bringing the Creature Hunters project closer to the community of NFTs players and crypto investors, providing a once-in-a-lifetime investment opportunity at a very attractive price and with tremendous profit potential.


Creature Hunters is an online puzzle action blockchain game based on the original animation created by Hitosi Morgi, a world-wellknown animation producer. The game is designed for players to face new challenges on a daily basis, with game modes such as Auto-matches, PvP Battles, and Question Missions. Creature Hunters is certain to be one of the best NFT games, allowing players to have fun while earning exclusive and tradeable rewards and playing to earn profitable CHTS.

The game would undoubtedly provide users with an innovative NFT gaming experience, as well as an unique NFT game method and reward form, in order to increase user engagement, represent the true worth of effort and game profitable earing, and provide users with a high level of pleasure.


NFTb is a decentralized financial ecosystem that assists investors with asset diversification. NFTb not only offers project services and solutions, but it also has policies in place that make the issuance of IDOs more accessible and profitable for investors. NFTb is a first-of-its-kind dual NFT and token launchpad designed to assist projects and creators in launching in a fair and consistent manner.

NFTb’s mission is to create a platform for creators to access opportunities in DeFi with the best user experience for anyone, anywhere. NFTb believes that users are better served when platforms are designed around their interests and needs. Their vision is to enable users to explore their interests and accrue value, which can ultimately be traded for another area of interest via NFTb DEX.

NFTb additionally attempts to ensure that funds are distributed fairly and that investment initiatives are fair to investors. This firm claims to make cryptocurrency investing fair and transparent to anyone.

Having to say, Creature Hunter promises to be worth invest and a not-to-miss-out project that is risk-free for all gamers and investors. Thank you for your companion, and be sure not to miss any significant info from us. More explosive information is released soon.

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